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Balvinder Bhatti
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Balvinder is a defence specialist.

She has a reputation for working hard and achieving excellent results for her lay clients. Balvinder works closely with her instructing Solicitor’s giving her attention to each case at every stage of the proceedings. She has extensive experience with dealing with young and vulnerable defendants and is able to quickly build a rapport with them. Regularly works on cases involving intermediaries and other experts.

Balvinder has prosecuted in the past and was a grade 3 prosecutor. She believes this experience gives her the edge when tackling her cases as she is able to consider all angles of the case and provide insight to the case which may otherwise have been overlooked.

Balvinder regularly appears in cases alleging Serious Violence, Firearms, Large-Scale Drugs Supply, Offences of Dishonesty and Serious Sexual Offences (including Historic Sex Cases).

Balvinder is regularly privately instructed in cases across the board and is also a Direct Access Barrister.

Balvinder is GDPR compliant.


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Serious Violence

2021- R v ST – Attempted Murder - Bristol Crown Court – defendant was one of three men alleged to have broken into the house of a man and attacked him with machetes. Afterwards the clothes worn by the offenders were burnt and the get away car was set alight nearby. The case involved detailed analsysis of telephone evidence, challenging expert DNA evidence as well as cell site analysis. A  prison telephone conversation that took place during the week of the trial between the defendant and another instructing them to keep the girlfriend away from court was also played before the jury. The girlfriend, an alibi witness put forward during his police interview, was a prosecution witness.  

2021- R v AH - Violent Disorder - Wolverhampton Crown Court - Counsel instructed to represent one of sixteen defendants. The disorder itself involves approximately 50 people and took place in a residential street. The disorder was caused by two feuding families on the street.

2021- R v TH - Violent Disorder - Wolverhampton Crown Court - Counsel is instructed to represent one of five defendants. Allegation involves the use of cars as weapons where armed men attacked each other.

2021- R v ZH - Violent Disorder - Wolverhampton Crown Court - Counsel is instructed to represent one of five defendants. The defendant and co-defendant were both stabbed during the course of this disorder and the defendant suffered life changing injuries. The evidence comes from CCTV that captured the incident.

2021- R v JR - Violent Disorder - Wolverhampton Crown Court - Counsel is instructed to represent defendant in a case which as a whole involves over ten defendants and an attempted murder. The case has been split into separate trials and this defendant’s trial involves a group of men from the same family.

2021 - R v MM – Section 18 GBH – Birmingham Crown Court – Counsel is instructed to represent defendant charged with multiple stabbings within minutes of each other and separate stabbing on a taxi driver. Identified through Facebook and CCTV.

2021 - R v KB – Section 18 GBH – Worcester Crown Court – Defendant a youth, charged with stabbing a man during a physical altercation. His defence was one of self-defence and was unable to explain how the man got stabbed. Acquitted unanimously after trial.

2021- R v RS – Section 18 GBH - Wolverhampton Crown Court – Defendant pushed the complainant who was his sister resulting in her hitting her face on a door her injuries to face and head requiring over 50 stitches.

2021 - R v AB – Section 18 GBH – Stafford Crown Court – Defendant was part of a group that attacked the complainant with a golf club and spirit level causing a fracture to the skull and bleed on the brain.

2019 - R v SS - Conspiracy to Rob and Firearm - Wolverhampton Crown Court  Defendant was one of five men involved in the robbery of a cash and carry warehouse where high value cigarettes were stolen. One of the defendants was an inside man. Staff were held at gunpoint and bound with gaffer tape. The gang off loaded the stolen goods into defendant’s garage. The defendant alleged he had allowed this to happen as he had been threatened with a gun.

2019 – R v RU – Possessing imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence - Wolverhampton Crown Court - defendant was involved in a road rage incident where he got of his car with an air soft self-loading pistol and put his hand on top of the gun and cocked it whilst pointing it at the driver of the other car.

Drug Offences

2021 –R v KG - Conspiracy to produce cannabis - Bradford Crown Court – Operation Kaluga - Counsel is instructed to represent the one of seven defendants alleged to have set up cannabis factories over a number of addresses. Involves cell site and surveillance evidence.

2021 – R v RL – Conspiracy to produce cannabis – Birmingham Crown Court – Operation Forties – Counsel is instructed one of three defendants alleged to have set up cannabis factories at various locations including a hotel and a club worth up £400,000 and includes a victim of human trafficking.

2021- R v JW - Being concerned in supplying class A drugs - Birmingham Crown Court - Counsel is instructed to represent the defendant with a previous conviction of a similar nature accused dealing a kilogram of heroin.

2021 - R  v MA - Being concerned in supplying class A drugs - Worcester Crown Court - Counsel is instructed to represent one of four defendants. The prosecution case is based on mobile phone evidence and cell site analysis.

2021 - R v AM – Being concerned in supplying class A drugs - Worcester Crown Court - defendant charged alongside two others in county lines drug dealing. One of the defendant who was a youth of school age was found to be a victim of modern slavery.

2021 - R v CD - Possessing a controlled drug of class A with intent - Worcester Crown Court - defendant faced a number of counts on the indictment. This was a complicated case involving multiple handsets and text messages. The co-defendant had pleaded at the lower court. Through careful analysis of the evidence and the persistent chasing of the disclosure of the mobile phone evidence it was established that the expert had made an error in his report by inserting mobile phone exhibits erroneously from another case. Based on that it cast doubt on the prosecution case and a plea was entered to a single count on the indictment. He was given a suspended sentence.

2021 - R v SB – Production of Cannabis - Cambridge Crown Court –– defendant and another part of a group setting up cannabis factories at a number of different addresses worth over half a million pounds. Sentenced to immediate release from prison.

2021 – R v CA – Production of cannabis - Liverpool Crown Court - defendant with others found connected to a number of cannabis factories. Sentenced to immediate release from prison.

Sexual Offences

2021 -R v DZ – Rape - Northampton Crown Court –– the defendant had previously been convicted of assaulting the complainant and putting her in a coma. Years later he was accused of Raping same complainant whilst unconscious from a night of beating where she was suspected of having broken ribs. Acquitted unanimously of rape after trial.

2021 -  R v – RG – Rape - Birmingham Crown Court – Counsel is instructed to represent defendant in a homosexual stranger rape, where teenager met the defendant in the early hours of the morning whilst out for a walk and alleges was raped at a bus stop. Required a Section 28 hearing. This case is being prosecuted by Queens Counsel.

2021 - R v CB – Rape - Warwick Crown Court - Counsel is instructed to represent defendant accused of raping underage female friend during a night out camping. Required a Section 28 hearing.

2021 – R v AA – Historic sexual abuse - Birmingham Crown Court –– Counsel is instructed to represent defendant accused of  indecent assault and sexual activity with his niece.  

2021 - R v MB – Historic sexual abuse – defendant accused of raping his daughter who at the age of 11 tried to commit suicide on three occasions. Complainant was found to have suffered severe psychological trauma and he was found to be  a dangerous offender.

2021 - R v CD – Historic sexual abuse - Wolverhampton Crown Court - defendant accused of sexually assaulting three complainant’s aged between 4-6 at a time when he was a teenager.

2020 -  R v GV – Rape ¬- Worcester Crown Court – Counsel is instructed to represent defendant accused of raping wife after a night of domestic violence.

2019 - R v JP – Rape - Wolverhampton –  Defendant denied raping girlfriend claiming it “didn’t happen” because he was having sex with up to twenty women a week. Acquitted unanimously after trial.

2019 R v VB – Rape and Child Cruelty– Leicester Crown Court – One of the allegations against the defendant had snubbed out a cigarette on his son’s arm leaving scars. The rape charge was successfully dismissed and the defendant was unanimously acquitted for cruelty against his son.

Other Serious Crime

2021- R v JB - Causing Death by dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice - Worcester Crown Court -. Counsel is instructed to represent vulnerable defendant with multiple issues including learning difficulties. An intermediary will be required for trial. He ran over a pedestrian out walking his dog causing the death of both of them. After the accident he failed to stop and is alleged to have recruited his friend to get rid of the car involved in the incident.

2021 - R v LK -  Causing serious injury by dangerous driving - Derby Crown Court - Defendant mounted the kerb and ran over a pedestrian in the middle of the day in a busy town centre before correcting himself and driving away from the scene having failed to stop. The complainant suffered life changing injuries.

2021 – R v DC – Controlling and coercive behaviour Wolverhampton Crown Court – Counsel is instructed to represent defendant alleged to have behaved in a controlling way by setting up CCTV in the house and monitoring the complainant’s every move.

2019 – R v GB – Burglary, criminal damage and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal - Worcester Crown Court –Defendant entered the house of the man who had sexually abused him, in the middle of the night, to confront him after learning he had also abused his siblings. During the confrontation the dog who was trying to help his owner was kicked to death by the defendant and the kitchen set on fire. He was given a suspended sentence after powerful personal mitigation put forward on his behalf.

2019 - R v SA - Defendant charged with fraud, obtaining a British passport by deception and assisting unlawful immigration - Birmingham Crown Court –This case had a complicated history and involved the use of a false identity. The passport agency discovered another female with exact details as this defendant. The defendant had entered the UK from Pakistan as a child with her father who was a British Citizen. She later married in Pakistan and her husband came to the UK. She maintained her identity was legitimate. After instructing experts at Counsel’s request it was established the defendant was extremely vulnerable and required an intermediary. Given dishonesty was the key element in the charges this development cast doubt on the prosecution case and they had to offer no evidence; the case was dismissed.

Notable Cases

R v AJ – Robbery - Birmingham Crown Court– Defendant stole high value rolex watches from three complainant’s whilst doing a bizarre dance. He came to Birmingham from Nottingham to commit these offences and was associated with other men who had both been jailed for using the same ruse.

R v KW – Prison Mutiny (Operation Severn) - Birmingham Crown Court –- represented one of nine defendants tried in relation to a riot at HMP Green in 2018.

R v KK – Human Trafficking - Canterbury Crown Court –– defendant and his wife drove through the channel tunnel to Dover with mother and daughter escaping Iraq in a secret compartment made in the boot of a soft top car. Part of a wider conspiracy involving an operation of trafficking people through the channel tunnel. Prosecution evidence relied heavily on mobile phone and cell site analysis.

R v BQ – Rape - Stafford Crown Court – Led Junior in a child grooming case involving multiple defendants alleged to have groomed local girls. Key defence evidence obtained after trawling through over 40,000 pages of telephone evidence.