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Graeme Wilson
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Graeme Wilson is a highly experienced and successful leading barrister who has regularly led in many large scale and high profile cases.  Those cases have included offences of murder, conspiracy to murder, armed robbery, large scale drugs importations and conspiracy to supply, serious fraud, money laundering and asset forfeiture.

His practice has also involved him in cases of historic child sex abuse allegations, rape, fisheries regulatory offences and firearms.


R v Horne –Attempted Murder – 2019 – leading junior in Attempted Murder x 2 and Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice in 3 month trial.

R v Harris – -Murder - 2018 – for first defendant in 3 month Murder/Violent Disorder trial.

R v Harris – Serious Sexual Offenses - 2018 and 2019 – for defendant accused in large sexual grooming ring in two 3 month trials.

R v Khan – Serious Crime - 2018 – for defendant accused of conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to kidnap and conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

R v Horne – 2020 – in the Court of Appeal – successful appeal against conviction where bad character evidence deemed wrongly admitted by trial judge.

R v Anokye - Rape– 2019 to 2020 -  led junior in infamous multi count/complainant case of rape and false imprisonment in 4 month trial.

Notable Cases

R v AH [2004] (Blackfriars CC) – £3 million money laundering conspiracy concerning the Danati Bureau de Change and involving a wide-ranging analysis of Customs use of informants. The abuse of process argument covered a number of other trials heard by different courts and ultimately led to the quashing of convictions in previous trials and a complete review of Customs based prosecutions.

R v VD [2005] (Norwich CC) – Murder and conspiracy to murder – contract killing. Represented the alleged organiser who was notable for his links to the Krays and had featured in numerous books concerning organised crime. He had also featured in a Channel 4 documentary ‘Hard Bastards’. The materials contained in these items were the subject of a ‘bad character’ application.

R v P [2005-2006] (Blackfriars CC) – Conspiracy to import/supply 500kg Cocaine through New Spitalfields Market in a consignment of coconuts. During the re-trial Pritchard was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary/investigation which was aired following his acquittal.

R v PB [2007/08] (Central Criminal Court) – Representing the first defendant in the Menzies World Cargo armed robbery at Heathrow.

R v LR [2007-2008] (Central Criminal Court) – Represented the first defendant in the £53 million ‘Securitas’ robbery at Tonbridge. Rusha was alleged to be one of the main organisers in the plot.