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Helen Douglass-Dixon
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Prior to joining chambers Helen worked for 4 years in two criminal defence firms as a paralegal and accredited police station representative. She attended police stations on behalf of clients all over London for a wide range of serious offences involving, violence, drugs and sexual offences.

Helen spent 6 months as an intern at the Broward County Public Defender’s Office in Florida, USA where she worked alongside the team of attorneys representing Nikolas Cruz, the ‘Parkland school shooter’, who was convicted of the death of 17 students/teachers and seriously injuring 17 others.  

With a passion for volunteering and giving back to the community Helen has volunteered worldwide in Jamaica, Ghana and South Africa, presenting workshops and conducting outreach programs in topics such as law, human rights, children’s rights and self-development. She has also volunteered in the UK with charities such as AMICUS, a UK based non-profit organisation helping to secure equal access to justice for those facing the death penalty.


As well as having an extensive background in criminal defence, Helen completed pupillage with the Crown Prosecution Service in London and therefore brings a unique knowledge and understanding of both sides of the criminal justice system. She uses her experience to both prosecute and defend in the Magistrates and Crown Courts including youth and private client work.

Helen is an empathetic, personable, and compassionate advocate who is able to develop positive working relationships with both her lay and professional clients. She is thorough and meticulous in her preparation and presentation of cases and is passionate about the pursuit of justice.

Notable Cases

R v C – Defended a young male charged with supplying cocaine and heroin and possession of criminal property. After successfully advancing that her client was a victim of modern-day slavery, the defendant was unanimously acquitted by the jury.

R v M – Defended a client charged with kidnap, assault and criminal damage. The defendant was unanimously acquitted by the jury in less than 45 minutes.

R v F – Defended a client charged with multiple counts of breaching a restraining order, s.20 GBH and criminal damage. Following extensive disclosure requests to the Crown Prosecution Service, no evidence was offered and the defendant acquitted of all charges.

R v D – Represented a defendant charged with dangerous driving following a suspected Class A drugs drop, the evidence comprised that of a ‘super-recogniser’ from the Metropolitan Police Service. A successful application to exclude identification evidence following a number of breaches in the police codes of practice resulted in the CPS offering no evidence.

R v B – Successfully represented a defendant charged with possession of a bladed article and affray. The incident was caught on CCTV. Following a successful half-time submission, the judge directed not guilty verdicts for the possession of a bladed article offence. The jury unanimously acquitted the defendant of the affray.

R v Y – Represented a vulnerable youth charged with offences of PWITS Class A, successfully advanced that the youth was a victim of exploitation and he was acquitted of all charges.