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Samantha Giffin
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Sam is a committed skilled advocate who exclusively practises for the defence, she has extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law.

Clients find her relatable due to her down to earth manner, whilst juries are influenced by her persuasive tone.

She is regularly instructed by a range of well-regarded criminal firms across London in numerous challenging and serious cases.

Her thorough and determined approach in preparing cases means that she is highly valued and sought after by both solicitors and clients alike.

Notable Cases

R V U – GANG RAPE – WGCC - Young refugee acquitted of gang rape without giving evidence.

R V C – THREATS TO KILL – INTENTIONAL STRANGULATION – WOOLWICH CC - Elderly man acquitted of strangling and threats to kill.

R V B – MURDER – JUNIOR COUNSEL – CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT - Junior counsel led by Graham Trembath KC -teenager stabbed a child in gang initiation culture

R V L – ATTEMPTED MURDER – LEADING JUNIOR – CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT - Leading Junior Counsel in attempted murder; victim suffered extensive mental illness lengthy cross examination involved of psychiatrists. Defendant of good character but a history of indulgent drinking acquitted. Acquitted.

R V I – FALSE IMRISONMENT - SOUTHWWARK CROWN COURT - Leading Junior Counsel in kidnap, grievous bodily harm, obtaining by deception. Prosecution relied extensively upon mobile telephone evidence

R V S – KIDNAP- INNER LONDON CROWN COURT Acquitted - young woman of good character indicted with kidnapping together with three other co-defendants . Crown alleged joint enterprise. Cut throat defence.

R V W & ORS – VIOLENT DISORDER -CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT - Led by Leading Junior Counsel in murder with  co-defendants. Defence was no intent to kill. Prosecution alleged murder as a result of drunken brawl caught on CCTV at petrol station. Numerous lay witnesses to the incident

R V K – POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO SUPPLY CLASS A – DERBY CROWN COURT - Young woman dupes into carrying drugs as mule.

R V H – CHILD CRUELTY- BUGGERY- BURNELY CROWN COURT - 86year old Father indicted with raping daughter and treating siblings with cruelty. Historic case.

R V O – BOMB HOAX – GUILDHALL CROWN COURT - Acquittal of defendant accused of bomb hoax at Waterloo International train station.  The defendant was a man of good character and French resident; and upon missing his train to France  became irate with rail staff and flippantly remarked that there was a bomb in his bag when asked to remove his luggage from the customers enquiry’s desk.

R V Z – GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM – SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT - Acquittal of defendant who faced an allegation of grievous bodily harm and unlawful wounding in the alternative. The defendant was a respectable member of society, of good character with a family and a responsible job.

R V N – GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM-– WOOD GREEN CROWN COURT - Defendant arrested for attempted murder, charged with grievous bodily harm with intent- defendant maliciously stabbed the victim who was having an affair with the defendant’s girlfriend.  The defendant could not recollect anything about the attack other than his visit to the victim’s flat and that he was covered in blood when he left.  The defence ran non-insane automatism and relied on several medical experts to lay the defence before the jury.  The trial took 2 days the jury were out for 3 days before returning a majority verdict of guilty.

R v M; NORWICH CROWN COURT - Defending a recruit of the British Army alleged to have raped his wife. Issues of hearsay and bad character of non- witnesses addressed. Re Trial.

R V T - WOOD GREEN CROWN COURT - Cross examination of a  24 year old complainant with a learning age of 5 year old. Implementing the guidelines from the advocates tool kit regarding questioning of vulnerable witnesses. Applying to introduce previous sexual history by way of S41 and comprehending complex DNA evidence.

R V M - CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT - Young man indicted for murder after a street fight with a friend who died from a single punch to the head. Pleaded guilty to manslaughter -Newton as to the number of punches inflicted upon the deceased. Lead by Queen's  Counsel

R V S -SWINDON CROWN COURT - Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs- 8 week trial.

R V G – EXETER CROWN COURT  - County Lines supply of Class A drugs.

R v G READING CROWN COURT - Acquitted defendant charged with ABH – Driving car into group of 20 other males. Self defence.